Rechargeable prismatic pouch special cell 3.7V Li-Ion Polymer for building battery packs where the lightweight is the main condition.

The capacity of cell depends on used charging and discharging rates:

  • 10Ah at 2A
  • 9Ah at 10A
  • 7Ah at 50A

This cell use Li-ion Polymer technology with high energy density 171Wh/kg and allows to built lightweight battery packs suitable for aircraft, toys, handheld and other similar applications.


  • 50A discharging curent rate
  • 10A charging current rate
  • Thin design suitable for complete battery packs
  • The cycle life at 1C/1C charging and discharging current rates over 500 cycles
  • Working voltage from 3 V to 4.2 V

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GWL/Power Li-Pol Battery Cell - 3.7V 10AH (9759156-10AH)

  • Kód výrobku: GWL/Power Li-Pol Battery Cell - 3.7V 10AH (9759156-10AH)
  • Dostupnost: Na skladě
  • 454,00Kč