High quality 20Ah special cell (battery) GWL/Power based on lithium iron technology - LiFePO4 allows 3C discharge continous current and 10C max. current. The cell is in metal housing for high energy density (98.5Wh/kg).

The tiny dimensions (178x71x28) and weight only 0.65 Kg makes this cell suitable for EV and lightweight applications as well as for energy storage.

Main advantages of the ZG-LFP020AH

  • Supports high speed charge and discharge (3C, 60A)
  • Provides high currents at peak discharge (10C, 200A)
  • High quality of production for long lifespan (over 2000 cycles at 80% DoD with 80% residual capacity)
  • Narrow tolerance of the specifications
  • Metallic housing (case)
  • Cells are provided with nuts for easy connecting

Hint: we suggest to use the cells in parallel to achieve higher capacity, i.e. 40Ah (2 cells), 60Ah (3 cells), 80Ah (4 cells)

21.34Ah in voltage range 3.65 - 2.5V! the cells have capacity still over the 20Ah - 20.83Ah in voltage range 3.65V - 2.8V and 3C (60A) The following chart show the discharging capacity test. Even the Discharging current

  • Nominal voltage 3.2 V, operational voltage is 2.8 V - 3.65 V
  • The maximum charging voltage for initial charge 3.8 V
  • Recommended subsequent charging is to 3.65 V
  • The minimum voltage is 2.6 V
  • Maximum discharge current is 3C continuously
  • Peak discharge current is 10C (for 15 seconds)
  • Operating temperature -25°C up to 50°C (discharging)

Technical information

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GWL/Power LiFePO4 High Power Cell (3.2V/20Ah) - Alu case, CE

  • Kód výrobku: GWL/Power LiFePO4 High Power Cell (3.2V/20Ah) - Alu case, CE
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  • 580,00Kč