High performance cylindrical Li-ion special cell SC1865-26 (ISR18650) 3.6V in standardized 18650 design with capacity 2 600 mAh.

This cells fully comply with advantages of Li-ion technology means lighweight and reasonabel price.
SC1865-26 use the ceramic separator for long lifespan.

Advantages of SC1865-26
  • Lifespan >1000 cycles at 0,5C (70% residual capacity)
  • Continuous discharge rating 3C (7,8A)
  • Working temperature -20°C to 55°C
  • Weight 48g only
Spot welding is recommended to connect more cells together to make your own battery pack. Please contact us if you want to make a battery pack.

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GWL/Power SC18650 Rechargeable Battery: 3.7V 2600 mAh (Li-ion, ISR18650)

  • Kód výrobku: GWL/Power SC18650 3.7V 2600 mAh (Li-ion, ISR18650)
  • Dostupnost: Na skladě
  • 52,00Kč